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We repair digital and film cameras, lenses and accessories.


Repairs and cleaning for camera, lens and accessories

At Camera Service Centre we service all kinds of cameras from digital, film and video camera repair services.

It would be very unlucky to break your camera whilst holidaying which is why we also offer special prompt repair services to tourists. We provide top priority to tourists with broken cameras so that you can get back to capturing memories of this great country.

Not all Digital Camera Repairs have to be made by a professional repairer, but most do. It is amazing what new batteries or a new card will do and these are just easy fixes. Or you might just need a new computer cable if you have trouble transferring images to the computer. However, when it comes to not getting any images on the LCD or the card it is time to bring that camera to us for repair. We can put in a new lens unit, repair damaged parts and clean your camera so that it will operate like new again.

Please fill in our online form to help us identify the symptoms your camera has and we can diagnose the problem and provide an approximate quote for its repair.

Welcome to our service page. Below I have listed an overview of our camera sensor cleaning and other cleaning services we provide along with our digital camera repairs.

Cameras repaired, film and digital

Nikon, Mamiya, Minolta, Olympus, Pentax, Yashica, Canon, Hasselblad and Most other brands. We also repair Sony, Canon and Panasonic video cameras.

Camera Service Centre

Services provided

  • Free onsite inspections and email estimates.
  • Prompt tourist service.
  • 6-month warranty on parts and labour - 3 months for professionals.
  • Digital camera repairs carried out on premises with modern testing equipment.
  • Camera sensor cleaning carried out on premises.
  • Most major credit cards accepted, cash and EFT but not AMEX or Diners.

Payment methods

We accept Most Major Credit Cards, Cash and EFT
But not Amex or Diners.
Camera Service Centre

Camera Service Centre


This web page is not to be taken as a legally binding contract. We apologise for any errors or omissions that may exist. Any estimates given by the Camera Service Centre is based on information supplied and is contingent on our inspection and evaluation of the equipment received. Once assessed, the Camera Service Centre will contact you with a final estimate. Note, we do not sell parts separately.

*All prices are subject to GST.

For more on our camera services call 02 92647091. 
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