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We repair digital and film cameras, lenses and accessories.


SLR Nikon camera

Sydney CBD Nikon services by trained professionals

Nikon is a popular make of camera that many people enjoy taking photos with. If you are a Nikon user but are having trouble with your camera you will need to find someone who offers Nikon camera repairs in Sydney or other parts of Australia. You are in luck because that is the very thing we are good at. We have a team of experienced professionals who love to make cameras operate like brand new again. Very often the only thing needed is a good clean out or some part may need to be repaired or replaced.

Getting your camera repaired in a timely manner will ensure that you don’t miss out taking that awesome photo of your child or pet. If you are a tourist we will be happy to ensure a quick repair job is done on your camera so you can get on with snapping those photos wherever you may go. Our team can repair many other brands of cameras whether digital, film or video, so no matter what you have to get it to us and we will give you a quote on fixing it.

If you know that the batteries are fresh and the memory card is not full but the camera still won’t work, bring it to us for repair. We will soon find out what the problem is and can repair or replace a part. Sometimes, all it will need is cleaning and lubricating to get it going again. Contact us for your Nikon camera repairs today.

Find out more about our Nikon services. Call 02 92647091. 
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