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We repair digital and film cameras, lenses and accessories.

Camera Tips

A few tips to keep your camera working

No matter what kind of camera you have, if you subject it to improper use or damage it in any way it will soon stop working. We offer you a whole page of free camera tips to keep your camera safer and help you work out what is wrong with it. We also have a team of professional camera repairers standing by to work on fixing your camera if the tips don’t help. The user can only do so much to repair their camera. If new batteries or a new card don’t help you will likely need us to fix it for you.

We can often tell what is likely to be wrong with your camera if you give us some clues. Describing the symptoms and telling us a little about its history will help the diagnostic process. You may have dropped it, taken it overseas or had it on the beach. You may have left it on the dash of the car one hot day. All these things can cause problems with the internal components. But don’t throw that camera away; get it repaired. Repair is good; you won’t have to learn to operate another camera! And it is usually cheaper than buying a new one.

We have many camera tips on our website to help you work out what to do if you camera does not work properly. If you have spots on your prints it could just be due to dust. Contact us for help with your camera.





Camera won't release, flash slow to charge

Flat batteries

Replace with good quality new ones


Counter won't work, film won't advance, camera won't release

Film not loaded or incorrectly loaded

Remove and replace film correctly


Camera rewinds, processed film has double images

Film has been fully exposed or hasn't been loaded properly

Remove and replace film


Camera operates erratically/ abnormally

Camera is set to a special function

Return function setting to normal - Refer to manual


Noisy, shutter won't close, release or transport


Dismantle, clean, lubricate, adjust assemble


Camera is slow and sluggish, lens cover may not open, moisture in viewfinder


Dismantle, clean, lubricate, adjust assemble


External cover is separated, lens bent, chips in cover


Dismantle, clean, lubricate, adjust assemble


Loose screws

Extended aircraft travel

Replace damaged parts. Re-tighten screws etc


Shutter blades uneven - DO NOT TOUCH

Shutter blades dislodged during film loading

Dismantle, reposition and adjust, assemble


Blotchy pattern on elements, processed photos with soft sections

Fungus in lens

Remove optics and clean, assemble and adjust


Spots on prints


Clean out dust from internals assemble and adjust


Overexposed prints

Lens aperture slow or stuck

Clean out oil, assemble and adjust


Error message on LCD's, Camera fails to release/operate normally

Electronic failure

Repair/replace parts as required, full set up


Camera won't advance, lens won't zoom.

Mechanical failure

Repair/replace parts as required, adjust as required



Find out more about caring for your camera. Call 02 92647091. 
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