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We repair digital and film cameras, lenses and accessories.


Digital camera

Sydney CBD Canon repairs by trained professionals

When it comes to Canon camera repairs, Sydney residents realise the need for well-trained professionals. Our team of professionals can offer you a repair service that is fast, efficient and best of all, affordable. You can use our website form to tell us the details of your camera problems and we will soon get back to you with an approximate quote. If that changes we will contact you before we go ahead. We are specialists in canon lens repair and know it is far cheaper to have that repair done than to buy a new camera. We can also advise you how to care for your Canon so that it does not need repairs again anytime soon.

Very often it is overseas flights that cause problems with cameras. The temperature suddenly goes from cool to hot or vice-versa and this can cause condensation. Of course, other things can also cause problems. Dropping the camera or even packing it in a soft luggage bag can knock it around, even if it is in the middle of the bag. At our camera service centre, we have many professionals that can take a good look at your camera, find what is wrong and fix it quickly and efficiently.

However, it is wise to change the batteries or buy a new card first, to make sure that this is not the problem. Don’t risk missing that special shot by leaving your camera in a state of disrepair. Bring it to us; we repair and service many brands.

For more on expert, Canon repairs call 02 92647091. 
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