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Digital Tips

Digital camera tips

Many people embraced digital camera technology when it finally came on the scene. Digital cameras have changed the camera and film industry and given much more people the chance to have inexpensive photos of their special family events and their children or pets. However, taking photos with a digital camera is not the same as using a film camera. While there are many digital camera tips, one of the most important is to realise that the shutter action is slower. This is more prevalent in older bodies, as the manufacturers are always reducing the delay and lag time in the newer releases.

That is, when you click is not exactly when the photo is taken. If you find that you seem to miss shots that you thought were in the lens this could be the problem. If you try and snap the dog and only get the tip of his tail this is why. You can avoid the problem by depressing the shutter halfway down in readiness before taking the shot.

However, there are other problems that can occur and one of them is simply to have bought a faulty digital camera. If you constantly have problems this could be the case. Otherwise, it can become faulty through being damaged in some way. Exposing it to hot sun or sand on the beach can easily cause problems while dropping it is another cause of damage. But no matter what caused the problem with your camera we are here to fix it for you. Our team of professionals is standing by to work on restoring your camera to new again. Contact us today.

Special notes

  • Here are the 4 main common categories of damage to digital cameras:
  • Impact and crushing the unit being dropped and or crushed in a handbag or pocket resulting in lens damage or LCD and CCD breakage.
  • Sand resulting in the lens, slide covers and switches jamming.
  • Force Card Reader pins damaged by the card being forced in or incorrectly inserted or socket for cables damaged.
  • Water or liquid damage being caused by a water bottle leaking in a backpack or splashed. It's also incredible how many get dropped into water. 
  • It is rare that the camera fails without some external influence, the camera is very electronic but the lens area is mechanical and more intricate than most compact film cameras and for this reason are in themselves delicate.
  • Irrespective of the damage caused to a camera it's always worth getting an expert’s opinion to see if it's worth repairing or not. Some are cheap to repair and some are not. Spare parts prices and the supply of parts vary from nonexistent to plentiful. Always talk to your repairer about getting it fixed first, then to a retailer to see if you want to get it fixed or replace the unit.  


  • Never use a power supply from another product.
  • Never use a connecting cord that does not fit or was not supplied with the product, if it doesn't slide in, don't force it.
  • Always use good batteries (rechargeable are normally preferred).
  • If at the beach keep it wrapped up in plastic and out of the sun, sand in the micro gears etc will render a camera useless in seconds or weeks. It only takes one grain of sand in the wrong place and the camera is inoperable.
  • If you just happen to DELETE your files on the memory card or FORMAT the card, your pictures most likely can be recovered but don't use the card afterwards as this could make pictures unrecoverable.





Error Code "System"

Corrupted card

Replace with good quality new one


Error Code "E18"

Sand or impact damage to lens area 

Repair/ Replace lens unit


No image on LCD in camera mode or play back, images can be seen on computer,

LCD is damaged

Remove and replace LCD


No image on LCD and no image recorded to card

Lens jammed shut, or CCD unit damaged

Repair lens or replace CCD


Camera will turn on, but turns off within a couple of seconds Low or cheap batteries Replace batteries or charge User

Can't get images to transfer to the computer

Connecting cable or another program is clashing with the camera

Replace connecting cable , Remove program and do a clean install


Lens Bent & wont park Impact or pressure damage (normally when switched on) Repair or replace the lens unit


Loose screws

Extended aircraft travel

Replace damaged parts. Re-tighten screws etc


Camera will not communicate with or accept the memory card

Bent Card Reader pins

Replace or repair if possible


Dots or smudges on images, always in the same place on the image Dirt or fungi on the sensor or rear element of lens  Clean


Error message on LCD's, Camera fails to release/operate normally

Electronic failure

Repair/replace parts as required, full set up



For more quality camera tips and advice call 02 92647091. 
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